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Paul Ratoff helped our team focus on the areas that would make us more successful. He provided an effective sounding board and valuable input to help me address important decisions facing my company. He gave us the reporting and planning tools that allowed us to manage our business better, and helped us streamline the accounting department by developing our accounting staff’s skill set. Paul also helped us better understand and utilize our current accounting system, which can now give us the right information faster and easier. Paul helped us implement a budgeting process that engages all of my key managers who now play a more proactive role in reducing costs.

Karen Caplan
CEO, Frieda’s Inc.
A Specialty Food Products Distributor


Paul has been a tremendous coach. Each day I face a wide array of complex circumstances and subjects that are sometimes unknown or foreign at best. In almost every situation Paul demonstrates an uncanny ability to cast darkness on what is not important and illuminate only what is. The resulting clarity has led to better decisions and financial results. Additionally, Paul dramatically improved the quality of our financial data so that we can now manage our business by the numbers. Paul quickly became and remains a trusted advisoron all issues that affect the financial health of my business.

David Handmaker
CEO, Postcard Press, Inc.
Internet Printer


Paul has helped us better understand how our business is performing by providing more timely and useful financial reporting . Paul has helped us more effectively plan our growth and cash flow needs by implementing a budgeting process. Paul helped us set up more appropriate accounting practices so that we could collect the right kinds of data and measure our performance in ways that helped us manage the business more profitably.


I can, without hesitation, recommend Paul for any business that is in need of solid and reliable financial reporting and analysis. Paul has been a tremendous asset to our company and has provided tremendous value in the work he has delivered. I am available to personally endorse Paul and provide details on the work he has performed for our company.

Karen Farrington
Partner, Matura Farrington
Staffing Company


I have known Paul for ten years now. Paul has played an instrumental role in the success Visual Data has achieved in regards to Strategic Planning and creating a very elaborate financial forecasting and budgeting model. I credit Paul with being a huge contributor of our company doubling its profits and gaining control of our finances. He has the natural ability to drill into any financial and strategic issue. In addition to Paul’s expertise in planning and finance, he never drops the ball and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to any CEO or business. Please feel free to call me for additional information.

John Trautman
CEO, Visual Data Media Services, Inc.
Media Services Company

My personal commitment in each client relationship is to support owners and leaders in focusing and managing the resources of their enterprise more effectively in pursuit of its Purpose and in so doing maximize the value of their efforts.

Paul Ratoff
Founder and Prinipal
Ratoff Consulting

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